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The deepest satisfaction in achievement can only be reached through the tunnel of fear and effort.

You can only spring into the light by pushing back into the darkness and in the darkness you need the best VISION you can get.

Cycling sunglasses

Prescription Cycling Sunglasses

If you’re a mountain biker, racer or even favour BMX stunt riding, prescription cycling glasses and are a must, offering you both vision and protection from the elements you face from behind the handlebars.

As a cyclist, you will know that hazards can be plentiful - from insects and mud to road grit - so it is important to protect your eyes to allow you to enjoy the experience to the full.

Our and All our models are designed especially to cope with the demands of cycling. Tinted lenses improve hazard visibility by enhancing their contrast, allowing you to avoid any potential dangers whilst moulded, lightweight frames and shaped arms ensure that your glasses stay in position for the duration of your ride.

Prescription cycling glasses are made specifically to cope with impact protection, which is essential, especially if stunts, jumps and hardcore mountain biking are your style - so whilst you’re negotiating difficult mountain trails or half-pipes, you can be safe in the knowledge that your eyewear will not slip off or require constant adjustments.

Our range of Suitable tints also provides valuable UV protection as standard, essential for the summertime cycling pursuits, especially when touring when you cannot always predict the weather over a period of hours and days.

We have a vast range of to choose from, and we are always on hand with help and advice to ensure that you choose the right frames and lenses to suit your needs.

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