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Fishing sunglasses

Polarised prescription sunglasses with high UV protection

Prescription Fishing Sunglasses

Polarised tints

In the case of most uneven surfaces light is bounced off in all random directions (Specular reflection).The smooth surface of undisturbed water however acts like a mirror,reflecting light all in the same direction,intensifying glare and causing a masking reflection preventing a view down into the water. Fishing sunglasses are a very significant asset to avoid discomfort from intense glare and although standard tint sunglasses are useful.polarised fishing glasses,,are a particular advantage.Polarised tints selectively block light reflected off horizontal flat surfaces such as water,neutralising the waters mirror effect and allowing vision under the waters surface.

Anti-reflection coated lenses

Fishing eyewear has the primary function of improving vision by glare reduction and protecting the eyes from harmful UV light but the benefit can be diminished by distracting reflections off the surface of the sunglass lenses,particularly the back lens surface.Anti-reflection coatings applied to fishing glasses lenses are helpful to counteract this.

Impact protection

In addition to light protection and optical improvement in vision afforded by prescription fishing glasses,fishing eyewear also can have an important use for physical impact protection and this prescription safety glasses function is particularly vital in very active fishing environments such as those found in the case of big game sea fishing.

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