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Snooker and Pool Glasses

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Pool Glasses

The unique sportsing conditions of Snooker and Pool make demands that only specialist glasses can fulfil,sprcifically designed to be used as glasses for Snooker or glasses for Pool and nothing else.Frame fit,lens size and angle of view are all vital elements and require special design features.

Snooker glasses as with glasses for Pool generally require unusually deep lenses with the extra lens material projected above the brow line.The angle of Snooker glasses requires particular attention with the lens surface angled back (pantoscopic tilt) to prevent image distortion for the head down shot body position unique to such sports.Some glasses for Snooker have swivel side arm joints so that the player can self adjust the angle needed.

Anti -reflection lens coats are of particular importance for Snooker glasses and Pool glasses where downward directed overhead bright lighting is the standard arrangement.

Extreme visual clarity is vital in a sport where such fine margins of error translate into a difference between perfect potting and position and disastrous pot misses and misplacements

Hurricane 2 Prescription Glasses - Inland

Hurricane 2 Prescription Glasses - Inland


Snooker 1 Prescription Glasses - Norville

Snooker 1 Prescription Glasses - Norville


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