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Few environments can rival the military one when it comes to placing demands both material and optical on the properties of eyewear and there can be few circumstances where the stakes are so potentially high when it comes to equipment inadequacy or failure.

Tactical eyewear both military goggles and equally military sunglasses require the ultimate in impact protection (both ballistic and blast). Just as important are the highest standards in durability of frame and lens materials,including both heat and abrasion resistance

Prescription military eyewear requires superb optical qualities giving clear undistorted vision in all situations.

Army goggles as with all glasses for soldiers require particularly good fit,not only for comfort and security of retention on the face but also to ensure all round unobstructed vision.

Many military eyewear models have removeable internal frame gaskets to protect against dust and smoke and also interchangeable headbands and side arms to provide a versatile piece of military kit that can be used both as tactical goggles and general military sunglasses as well.

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