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The deepest satisfaction in achievement can only be reached through the tunnel of fear and effort.

You can only spring into the light by pushing back into the darkness and in the darkness you need the best VISION you can get.

Golf sunglasses

Specialist prescription sunglasses with high UV protection

Golf sunglasses with prescription lenses

Golf is a game of extreme patience,precision and control but few factors are more important to performance than vision is.Clarity of vision in Golf along with depth perception and hand eye coordination are vital and any incorrected optical prescription is a very significant potential handicap.Prescription Golf sunglasses rather than zero optical correction golf sunglasses are so important to the Golfer who`s eyesight is less than perfect.A full accurate optical prescription is vital for Golf glasses to ensure maximum vision in both eyes so important for good depth perception needed to accurately judge distances.Even small prescriptions in golf sunglasses can in this respect make a difference.

Importance of tint in golf glasses

Golf prescription sunglasses are also important for UV light protection and to improve vision by bright light glare reduction.The choice of tint for golf sunglasses can be of considerable significance and brown and Amber tints both help increase the contrast of the golf ball against blue skies and green Greens.Golf sunglasses with yellow tints can be important to maximise object contrast against background on very dull low light days.

Polarisation for golf glasses

Golf prescription sunglasses with a Polarisation element to the tint can be effective at removal of glare from light reflected off wet grass or from water sources.Anti-reflection coated lenses are also a potential benefit to help eliminate distracting reflections from light sources behind the Golfer.

Impact protection and golf sunglasses

Another important aspect of golf sunglasses is impact protection and high safety Polycarbonate lens material is the preferred choice.At Rockspex all our sports glasses are supplied as standard with safety glasses Polycarbonate lens material and becuase we are qualified Opticians all our orders are overseen by professional staff.

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