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The deepest satisfaction in achievement can only be reached through the tunnel of fear and effort.

You can only spring into the light by pushing back into the darkness and in the darkness you need the best VISION you can get.

Rec Specs


Rec Specs - the leader in the growing national movement of promoting eye safety during recreational sports. Rec Specs begun in 1978 as the first prescription protective sports eye-wear provider, today over twenty thousand eye care professionals in the world, rely on Rec Specs when it comes to providing the best possible protective sports eye wear to both children and adults.

The rec specs maxx range all meet the ASTM F803-3 and EN166 safety standards and include the rec specs maxx 30 prescription sports glasses featuring sides arms and an adjustable head strap and the rec specs maxx 31 prescription sports goggles with a full headband design.

As well as providing top levels of protection as squash goggles and squash glasses,the rec specs range has equal utility as goggles for football,basketball goggles and are also ideal as martial arts goggles,giving extremely secure and comfortable fit with very high levels of impact protection required by sports eye-wear used in contact sports.

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